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Configuring Content Station Aurora for publishing to Apple News

Configuring Content Station Aurora for publishing to Apple News

This article describes how to set up the Content Station environment for publishing stories to Apple News. It involves the following steps:

  1. Setting up your Channel on Apple
  2. Determining how to style Stories
  3. Setting up a Publish Channel in Enterprise Server
  4. Testing the configuration by publishing a Story

Before you start

Before you start, it is recommended to first test the general process of publishing to digital channels in Enterprise Server. Do this by publishing a Story using the option 'Send via e-mail'. Should this not work, troubleshoot this first.

1. Setting up your Channel on Apple

Publishing to Apple News is done by publishing to a Channel that is set up on Apple.

A Channel represents your publication such as a magazine, newspaper or blog. Multiple Channels can be set up when needed and each Channel can have multiple sections such as news, sport, fashion and so on.

Once set up, publishing to a Channel from within Content Station can be done with just a few mouse clicks.

Setting up and configuring Channels on Apple is done by using the Apple News Publisher.

Step 1. Access the News Publisher through https://www.icloud.com/newspublisher/.

Step 2. Log in using an Apple ID and set up your Channel by following the instructions by Apple.

References and recommended reading on apple.com: Publishing with Apple News Format (scroll down to 'Resources and support').

Step 3. On the Channel page, click Settings followed by Connect CMS in the menu on the left side of the page.

The 'Connect your CMS' page appears.

The Connect your CMS page

Step 4. Under Step 2, click 'Get an API key'. The Channel ID, Key ID and Secret appear. Copy these, they are needed when setting up the Publication Channel in Enterprise Server.

2. Determining how to style Stories

Stories that are created for publishing to Apple News can be styled in the following ways:

  • Limited styling can be applied by editing the article in the Digital editor
  • Full styling can be applied by mapping each component to a specific style definition

Applying styling in the Digital editor

Users can select text and apply styling by using the tools in the toolbar or by setting properties such as a drop cap or text alignment.

Note: Changes to the font size or changing the font itself are not transferred to the published Story.

Applying styling by mapping components

Full styling can be applied when the Story is published. For this to work, each component needs to be mapped to a style definition.This can be done in one of the following ways:

  • Let Content Station do the mapping. When publishing a Story to Apple News, a default style is applied by Content Station.
  • Do the mapping yourself. Create your own files that contain the mapping and styling instructions.

Letting Content Station do the mapping

When you are happy to make use of a custom style that is provided by Content Station, no styling needs to be set up. When a user publishes a Story, a default styling is automatically applied by Content Station.

If you are choosing this option, no setup steps for styling are necessary. Please continue with step 3. Setting up a Publish Channel in Enterprise Server

Doing the mapping yourself

To have full control over how a Story looks on Apple News, you can provide files containing the mapping between the components in Content Station and Apple News, and the styling for each component.

Multiple files can be provided. When users publish a Story to Apple News they can choose from any of the files that you have provided.

3. Setting up a Publish Channel in Enterprise Server

Publishing a Story in Content Station is done by using a Publication Channel. This Publish Channel needs to be set up in Enterprise Server.

You can set up multiple Publish Channels, one for each Channel that has been set up in Apple.

Step 1. In Enterprise Server, access the Management Console for Content Station.

Step 2. In the menu, choose Publish Channels.

The Publish Channels page appears showing all Brands. When selecting a Brand, all Publication Channels for that Brand appear.

The Publication Channels page

Step 3. From the Channel list at the top of the page, make sure that Apple News is selected.

Step 4. Click Add Channel.

Step 5. Fill out the details.

Step 6. Click outside any of the fields to have the channel automatically created.

4. Testing the configuration by publishing a Story

Test the configuration by creating a Story for publishing to Apple News and subsequently publish it.

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