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Adding custom functionality to Content Station Aurora

Adding custom functionality to Content Station Aurora

Different working environments and workflows require a variety of different tools to get the job done easily and efficiently. Such tools vary from using spell checkers, translating sections of text, accessing external references, and so on.

When such functionality is not available in Content Station by default, it can be added as custom functionality.

This article describes the areas in Content Station to which custom functionality can be added.

Files in search results

  • Custom context menu commands. Custom commands can be added to the context menu of a file that is shown in the search results. These commands can be linked to specific actions, such as printing a file, downloading a custom contact sheet in PDF format, and so on.

For more information, see Adding custom context menu commands to Content Station Aurora.

Print editor

The following custom functionality can be added to the Print editor:

  • Third-party spell checkers. Third-party spell checkers can be integrated in the Print editor by making use of an API: one for adding actions such as buttons and menus to the Print editor and one for manipulating text such as checking the spelling.

For more information, see Integrating third-party spell checkers in the Print editor of Content Station Aurora.

Custom Applications

Custom functionality can also be added as an application that is accessed through the Applications menu. As is the case with the default applications such as the Publication Overview and the Trash Can, Custom Applications run in a full Content Station window, including the header and Back button.

For more information, see Adding Custom Applications to Content Station Aurora.

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