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Working with Applications in Content Station Aurora

Working with Applications in Content Station Aurora

Content Station is designed in such a way that the most important tools to work with are readily available.

Tools that are used less frequently are located in the Apps menu of the toolbar at the top of the screen.

The Apps menu

Figure: The Apps menu.

Managing Apps

Making Apps available in the Apps menu is done by configuring the Content Station installation on Enterprise Server.

Any App can be added as long as it can be referenced through a URL.

If needed, the Apps menu can also be removed from the toolbar.


Apps are configured in the config.js file of Content Station.


apps: [
      name: 'Publication overview',
      url: '{APP_PATH}#/publication',
      icon: 'publication-overview.svg',
      thisTab: true

Use the following properties:

  • name. Name as it appears in the Apps menu.
  • url. URL to the app. The following wildcards can be used (filled in automatically by Content Station):
  • (SERVER_URL}. The path to the current instance of Enterprise Server
  • {SESSION_ID}. The ID of the current session
  • {APP_PATH}. The Content Station path, used for Apps with relative paths such as the Publication Overview
  • icon. Name of the icon to use in the Apps menu. (See also alternative method iconURL below.)

Note: To use this option, the icon should be stored in ~/assets/third-party-icons. Icons can be in any file format that is supported by a Web browser; recommended formats are SVG, PNG and JPG.

  • iconUrl. Path to the icon file, if stored outside of the Content Station icons folder.
  • thisTab. If the App needs to be opened in the same tab as Content Station, set it to true.


A custom app on Enterprise Server, opened in a new tab:

      name: 'My Custom App, get',
      url: '{SERVER_URL}/server/apps/myapp.php?ticket={SESSION_ID}',
      icon: 'icon1.png'

Google search, opened in a new tab:

      name: 'Google search',
      url: 'https://www.google.com',
      iconUrl: 'https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/5/53/Google_%22G%22_Logo.svg/1000px-Google_%22G%22_Logo.svg.png'

Removing the Apps menu

To completely remove the Apps menu, empty the apps option:

apps: []
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