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User behavior tracking in Content Station Aurora

User behavior tracking in Content Station Aurora

Through the integration of Amplitude in Content Station Aurora, WoodWing anonymously tracks user behavior within the application.

This gives WoodWing insight into which features of the application are used and how they are used.

Analyzing this information allows WoodWing to improve the usability and performance of the application.

Examples of information that is tracked

Some of the information that is tracked includes:

  • The workflow a user follows to perform a task (for example uploading a file through drag-and-drop instead of using the Upload button)
  • The number of columns that are used in list view
  • Filtering search results by choosing a file type
  • Search result totals
  • Technical information such as type and version of operating system and Web browser

Information that is not tracked

Please note that this tracking is fully anonymous and that private or corporate sensitive information is not tracked. This includes:

  • User names or log-in credentials
  • File names
  • Values of properties
  • Names of Brands, Issues, Categories or Statuses, or any other name that is configurable in Enterprise Server

Disabling tracking

WoodWing kindly requests to keep tracking enabled so that Content Station and its performance can be continuously improved. However, if you want to disable this type of tracking (for example because tracking is not allowed in your country for legal reasons), follow these steps:

Step 1. Open the following file:

<Enterprise Server path>/contentstation/config.js

Step 2. In the Amplitude ID section, remove the value of the amplitudeId setting.

Example: amplitudeId: '',

Step 3. Save the file.

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