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Changing your password for logging in to Content Station Aurora


Changing your password for logging in to Content Station Aurora

Making use of Content Station requires an account for logging in to the application.

This account information is stored in one of the following locations:

  • In a system outside of Enterprise
  • In Enterprise itself

The process of changing the password for your account is different for each system.

Outside of Enterprise

In large organizations, user accounts are managed in a central system (named LDAP or Active Directory).

Applications such as Content Station can connect to that system to verify the user name and password that is entered when a user logs in to that application.

Typically, you log in to the external system when logging in on your computer. Such log in screens will also include an option for changing your password. When this option is not available or when you are in doubt about how this is done, please check with your system administrator.

Note: Content Station and Smart Connection also contain an option for changing the password (see below). However, this is used for changing the password that is managed in Enterprise. When trying to use it when your password is stored outside of Enterprise, a message will be shown: "User has fixed password (S1016)".

In Enterprise

When the account is managed in Enterprise, the password can be changed in the following ways:

  • By the user using Content Station
  • By the system administrator using Enterprise Server

Using Content Station

Step 1. Log in to Content Station.

Step 2. From the Avatar menu, choose Change password.

The Change password option in the Avatar menu

The 'Change password' window appears.

The Change password window

Step 3. Enter your current password, new password and a confirmation of the new password.

Step 4. Click Change password.

Note: When the following message is shown: "User has fixed password (S1016)", it means that the user account is managed in an external system and needs to be changed in that system (see above).

Using Enterprise Server

Change the password for the user on the User Management page.

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