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Managing Issues in Content Station Aurora

Managing Issues in Content Station Aurora

Working on a publication within a Brand is a dynamic process: current or new issues need to be planned while published or outdated issues need to be made inactive.

Managing publications this way is typically a task of a Brand manager. In Content Station Aurora, new issues can be created while existing issues can be modified and/or deactivated.

The Issue Manager

Managing Issues in Content Station Aurora is done in the Issue Manager.

It consists of 3 areas: (from left to right):

  1. A list of all Brands that you have access to
  2. A list of Issues for a selected Brand
  3. The Properties panel

The Issue Manager

Figure: The Issue Manager.

Accessing the Issue Manager

From the Apps menu in the toolbar, choose Issue Manager.

The Apps menu

Figure: The Issue Manager Application is accessed through the Apps menu.

Access rights

The following is needed to access the Issue Manager:

Creating a new Issue

Step 1. Click Create new... .

A window appears containing all the properties for that Brand. Which properties appear depends on the type of Publication Channel that is selected.

Step 2. Fill out the relevant properties.

Step 3. When done, do one of the following:

  • Click Create & close to create the Issue and close the window.
  • Click Create & continue to create the Issue and leave the window open to create another Issue.

Modifying Issues

To modify an Issue, select it and change its properties in the Properties pane.

Deactivating Issues

To deactivate an Issue, do one of the following:

  • Right-click an Issue and choose Deactivate
  • Select an Issue and in the Properties panel clear the Active check box

Reactivating Issues

Issues that have been deactivated do not appear in Content Station. To make these active again, use the Issue Maintenance page in Enterprise Server.

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