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Viewing to which Enterprise files a file is linked using Content Station Aurora

Viewing to which Enterprise files a file is linked using Content Station Aurora

Files in Enterprise are typically related to other files in Enterprise:

  • A Dossier can contain one or more files
  • A file can be part of one or more Dossiers
  • An image or article can be placed on a layout
  • A layout can have one or more articles or images (that are also stored in Enterprise) placed on it

It is important to be aware of these relationships, for example to see if other files are affected when making changes to a particular file.

Viewing such relations, known as links, can be done by using the Linked Files panel in Content Station Aurora.

The Linked files panel

Figure: The Linked Files panel shows to which files in Enterprise a file is linked.

Accessing the panel

From the right side of the page, click the Linked Files icon.

The Linked files panel icon

Figure: The icon of the Linked Files panel.

Showing linked files

To see the files in Enterprise to which a file is linked, select the file anywhere in Content Station. All files that it is linked to (if any) are shown in the Linked files panel.

Labels above each file indicate the type of link:

Label Applies to Description
Contains Dossiers Shown for each file that the selected Dossier contains.
Part of All files Shown for each Dossier that the file is part of.
Placed on All files that can be placed on a layout Shown for each layout that the selected file is placed on.
Placed Layouts Shown for each file that is placed on the selected layout

Labels above each linked file

Figure: Labels above the files indicate the type of link. Here, a file is selected that is placed on a layout and is part of a Dossier.

Showing the linked files in a new tab

The files that are shown in the Linked files panel can also be opened in a separate Web browser tab. This can be useful to further work on these files in some way, perhaps to view the linked files for each of these files.

To do this, click on Show in new tab at the top of the panel.

Note: Your Web browser may block the opening of multiple tabs and will inform you that 'pop-up windows are blocked'. When receiving such a message, choose to 'always allow pop-ups' for Content Station Aurora.

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