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Bookmarking and sharing Content Station Aurora links

Bookmarking and sharing Content Station Aurora links

Content Station Aurora runs in a Web browser and each page that is visited therefore has its own link or URL.

The way that these links are set up allows them to be bookmarked and opened at a later stage, even from a different system or by another user.

As a result, everything that you access in Content Station Aurora such as articles, Dossiers or search results, can be bookmarked or shared.

Example: After searching for a particular file or set of files, you could bookmark the link. To easily and quickly perform the search the next time, all you have to do is click the bookmarked link.

In the following link, a search is performed for all files containing the term 'skateboarding' in the Brand with ID '2' and in the current Issue:


Note: Different users will have different rights for accessing files in Enterprise. When sharing a link with someone else therefore, it could be that they are not able to access a file or see different search results.

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