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Showing an article as a story in Content Station Aurora

Showing a Print article as a story in Content Station Aurora

An article is typically part of a story, which consists of:

  • The article holding the text of the story
  • The layout(s) on which the article is placed (for articles that are used in print)
  • Related images and/or spreadsheets

These files are typically kept together in a Dossier and a Dossier itself can hold multiple articles.

When working on a story or working with a Dossier, it can be beneficial to see how each article is used as a story and which files are related to the story. For this, the Story View mode in a Dossier can be used.

Showing articles as a story

Figure: Viewing two articles in Story View mode in a Dossier. Both articles are placed on a layout.

Using this view allows you to quickly see:

  • The article as it is placed on the layout(s), including any Editions it may be part of (for articles that are used for print)
  • All files related to the article (only for articles placed on a layout and only as long as these files are in the same Dossier as the article)

From this view, you can then:

  • Easily open the article for editing
  • Work on any of the files, for example by right-clicking them and accessing the context menu

Enabling Story View mode

Story View mode is one of the various modes that a Dossier can be viewed in:

  • List view
  • Thumbnail view
  • Story view

Choosing a viewing mode in a Dossier

Figure: Choosing Story View mode in a Dossier.

How stories are displayed

When Story View mode is enabled in a Dossier, a story is displayed for each article in that Dossier. When multiple articles exist, the newest is displayed first.

For each story, the following is shown:

  • The name of the article and its Workflow Status (hover the mouse pointer over the status to see the name).
  • All files that are related to the story (only for articles that are placed on a layout).


  • All regular actions can be performed on these files: 
  • Select a file and press the Spacebar to view it in fullscreen mode or view additional info by opening any of the panels such as the Properties panel or the Versions panel.
  • Right-click a file to access its context menu.
  • Hover the mouse over a file to see its name in a tooltip.
  • Double-click a file to open it.
  • When more related files exist than can be shown, hover the mouse over the Related Files section and use the controls to navigate the files.
  • The article in one of the following ways:
  • When placed on a layout: a preview of the first page on which the article is placed.


  • When the article is placed on multiple Editions or multiple layouts, each Edition or layout is shown in a carrousel. Click the controls to navigate through the layouts.
  • Right-click the preview to access the context menu.
  • Hover the mouse over the preview to access the button for showing it in fullscreen mode.
  • Double-click a preview to open it.
  • When not placed on a layout: the content of the article.

Note: The context menu for the article can be accessed by clicking the 3 dots next to the 'Edit article' button.

Articles viewed as a story

Figure: Two articles shown in Story View mode in a Dossier: the left article is not placed and therefore only the content is shown and no related files. The article on the right is placed on two Editions in a layout; each Edition can be viewed by using the controls at the bottom.

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