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    Steffen Bollermann

    For how many calls / for how long can I use the Bearer? (e.g. Will it get inactive after 10 mins of not making another POST call?)

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    Oleksiy Cherkasov

    Hello Steffen
    Bearer active for next 30 minutes after apilogin (can be configured using session.timeout config property)
    You can do any number of calls
    Doing a call will not auto prolongs Bearer expiration time

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    Jan Kampling

    I like to do some API testing with Postman. But I already can not get on with the login.

    I'm getting follwering errors

    "loginSuccess": false,
    "loginFaultMessage": "Api login originates from a browser.",
    "serverVersion": "",
    "authToken": null
    [09:05:48,431] [89555295-435] WARN - Attempt to login like API client from user:'userapi'/ip:'xyz' is forbidden.
    What could I do to change this behavior?
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    Vincent Bergervoet

    Hello Jan,

    The API-login is not meant to be called from browser-like environments like Postman.

    For testing the API with Postman, you may want to use the regular login api:

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