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Importing Elvis 4 files to Elvis 6 as part of a migration

Importing Elvis 4 files to Elvis 6 as part of a migration

As part of the migration of content from Elvis 4 to Elvis 6 the Elvis 4 files need to be moved to Elvis 6.

This article explains how this is done.

Before you start

Step 1. Stop Elvis 4 server.

Step 2. Place the Elvis 4 dump in {Elvis 6 Shared Directory}/dumps.

The Elvis 4 dump placed in Elvis 5

Step 3. (Linux only). Check the folder permissions for the user/group for folders/files: group/user should be set to 'elvissrv' (not 'root').

Importing the files

Step 1. (Linux only) Place the Migration Tool in the main Elvis 6 Server folder, create a folder called 'logs' in that folder and set the ownership to 'elvissrv:elvissrv'. This makes sure that 'elvissrv' can access the Migration Tool and write log files for it.

Step 2. Run the Migration tool by entering the following in the command line:

  • For Mac OS X:  sudo java -jar elvis-migration-tool-x.x.x.jar
  • For Linux: sudo -u elvissrv java -jar elvis-migration-tool-x.x.x.jar
  • For Windows: java -jar c:\elvis-migration-tool-x.x.x.jar

Note: The default port for the tool is 8080. To change the port, use the 'server.port' command line option:

  • For Mac OS X and Linux: sudo java -jar elvis-migration-tool-x.x.x.jar --server.port=8181
  • For Windows: java -jar c:\elvis-migration-tool-x.x.x.jar --server.port=8181

Step 3. Access the Migration tool by entering the following URL in a Web browser:


Note: Make sure that the port number corresponds to the one that was specified in your command line.

The Start screen

Step 4. Choose the Elvis version to upgrade to.

Step 5. Select the Import tab.

The Import tab

Step 6. Enter the following details:

  • Elvis 6 Folder. The location of your Elvis 6 config/data folder.

Note: This field is pre-filled with the location of a default Elvis 6 installation, based on the operating system.

  • Dump name. The name of the dump which is to be rolled-back.

Note: This field is pre-filled with the name of the last dump.

  • Elvis 4 Data Folder. The location of your Elvis 4 data folder that was backed-up in Migrating Elvis 4 to Elvis 6. This is the folder that contains the following sub folders:
  • {Elvis Data folder}/mainFilestore
  • {Elvis Data folder}/previewFilestore
  • {Elvis Data folder}/versionFilestore
  • Move files. Select this option when you are installing Elvis 6 on the same computer as Elvis 4 and want to move storage files rather then copy them. Use this option when there is not enough space to make a copy of storage files in Elvis 6. Moving files is also quicker than copying them if files are located on same physical device.

Step 7. Click Start import.

Progress bars appear to indicate the progress of various steps of the process.

The import progress

Step 8. After the process is completed, click Close.

Step 9. Restart Elvis 6 server and verify that all your data is in place.

Continue the migration process

Return to Migrating Elvis 4 to Elvis 6 and continue with the next steps.

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