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Repairing assets in Elvis 6

Repairing assets in Elvis 6

Under certain circumstances, assets that are stored in Elvis may become 'broken'. Think of metadata that is not fully extracted or embedded, entries that exist in the index for assets that have been deleted, thumbnails and previews that are missing, and so on.

Such issues can be fixed by running the Asset Processing Tool in Elvis 6.

Using the Asset Processing Tool

Step 1. Access the Management Console.

Step 2. From the menu, choose Tools > Asset Processing Tool.

The Asset Processing tool

Figure: The Asset Processing Tool.

Step 3. Carefully read the instructions and select the options that you want to make use of.

Step 4. In the top right corner of the page, click Start processing.

Step 5. In the section What does it do? click the link admin status page.

The Elvis Server Status page appears.

Step 6. In the Running processes section, verify that the updating process is running.

The Server Status page

Figure: Viewing running processes on the Server Status page.

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