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Elvis 6 REST API - logout

Elvis 6 REST API - logout



What does it do?

Terminates your browser session. Use this to end a session using an AJAX call.

POST requests only

This REST API only accepts POST requests, not GET requests. Also, the POST request needs to include a cross-site request forgery (csrf) token.

The csrf token is a unique code which, by including it in the request, also makes the POST request unique and therefore much more secure.

The csrf token is obtained by first logging in to Elvis Server through a POST request. The response that is received will include the csrf token which can then be used in subsequent POST requests as a http header:

"X-CSRF-TOKEN: <some_csrf_token>"

For more information including examples, see Elvis 6 REST API - Performing a POST request with a csrf token.


This service has no parameters.

Return value

  • logoutSuccess. 'true'. Indicates that logout was successful.

Note: Logging out through AJAX won't work if you are doing cross-domain calls, since session cookies are not accepted when received through a cross-domain AJAX call. Use "logout and redirect" instead, see below.

Logout and redirect



Redirects to a 'success' URL after terminating the session. The URL can be a relative or absolute URL and can even redirect to a different server.

When no logoutSuccessUrl is specified, the user will be redirected to the configured landing page (by default this is the client install page).


AJAX logout with success

The following shows the response of a successful logout.


      "logoutSuccess" : true

Redirect logout

Ends the session and redirects to www.elvisdam.com.


Document history

  • 27 July 2017: Added section 'Post requests only'.
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