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Elvis 6 REST API - copy


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  • Michael Coorey

    If we want to apply new metadata to the copied asset, how do we do this?

    Can the metadata be sent as part of the COPY request?

    Alternatively, how do we get the new asset ID once the asset has been copied? (performing a search after the copy doesn't always return a result)

  • Vincent Bergervoet

    Hello Michael,

    Thank you for your question.

    The Copy API has no parameters to apply metadata and it doesn't return the new assets id field.

    I have no good alternative options for you, but some thoughts:
    - Create new asset with required information from the original and the additional metadata.
    - Find the asset with help of creation date and the masterId field (which would be set to the id of the original asset).

    Kind regards,

  • Craig Cardillo

    Assuming you know the ID of the asset you are making a copy of, you can then do a search for where that ID is the ID of Original (i.e. masterId:{OrigID} ). Of course this could return multiple images if it was copied multiple times, so you may need to account for that depending on your workflow.


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