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Elvis 6 REST API - copy

Elvis 6 REST API - copy


    ?source=<source path>
    &target=<destination path>
    &folderReplacePolicy=<AUTO_RENAME | MERGE | THROW_EXCEPTION>
    &fileReplacePolicy=<AUTO_RENAME | OVERWRITE
    &flattenFolders=<true | false>
    &async=<true | false>

What does it do?

Copy a folder or a single asset.

When you copy a folder, all subfolders and assets contained in it will also be copied to the new location. The subfolder structure will be kept intact unless you set flattenFolder to true.

POST requests only

This REST API only accepts POST requests, not GET requests. Also, the POST request needs to include a cross-site request forgery (csrf) token.

The csrf token is a unique code which, by including it in the request, also makes the POST request unique and therefore much more secure.

The csrf token is obtained by first logging in to Elvis Server through a POST request. The response that is received will include the csrf token which can then be used in subsequent POST requests as a http header:

"X-CSRF-TOKEN: <some_csrf_token>"

For more information including examples, see Elvis 6 REST API - Performing a POST request with a csrf token.



Either a folderPath or assetPath of the folder or asset to be copied.



The folderPath or assetPath to which the folder or asset should be copied.



Policy used when destination folder already exists.

  • AUTO_RENAME - add '-1' number to destination path. The counter is incremented until a free alternative is found.
  • MERGE - merge source folder into destination using fileReplacePolicy.
  • THROW_EXCEPTION - abort the operation.

Optional. If omitted, AUTO_RENAME will be used.


Policy used when destination asset already exists.

  • AUTO_RENAME - add '-1' number to destination path. The counter is incremented until a free alternative is found.
  • OVERWRITE - remove destination if it already exists.
  • OVERWRITE_IF_NEWER - only remove destination if source is newer. Otherwise remove source instead of moving it.
  • REMOVE_SOURCE - remove source if destination already exists.
  • THROW_EXCEPTION - abort the operation.
  • DO_NOTHING - skip copy of the file.

Optional. If omitted, AUTO_RENAME will be used.


When specified, only source assets that match this query will be copied.

Optional. If omitted, all source assets will be copied.


When set to true will copy all files from source subfolders to directly below the target folder. This will 'flatten' any subfolder structure.

Optional. If omitted, folders will not be flattened.


When true, the process will run asynchronous in the background. The call will return immediate with the processId.

Optional. By default, the call waits for the process to finish and then returns the processedCount.

Return value

The operation returns a JSON object with the following properties:

processedCount Number of assets that were processed by the operation.
errorCount Number of errors that occurred.

If called with async=true, the operation returns a JSON object with the following properties:

processId Unique id of the process that was started.

If the operation fails, a JSON error object is returned.


Copy single asset

The following copies an asset.


    ?source=/Demo Zone/Images/Travel/Architecture/Louvre.jpg
    &target=/Demo Zone/Images/Travel/Cities/Louvre.jpg

It returns the following response.

  "processedCount" : 1

Copy folder

The following copies a folder and all the assets contained in it, keeping the sub folder structure intact.


    ?source=/Demo Zone/Images
    &target=/Production/This week/Demo Images

Document history

  • 27 July 2017: Added section 'Post requests only'.
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