Controlling user access to clients and client features in Elvis 6



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    Spencer Harris

    Can you give an example as to when you would assign an unspecified license type to a group? I can see why you may want to on the individual user level as they could be added to multiple groups that have different levels. I just can't quite think of a scenario where that option makes sense for a group.

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    Vincent Bergervoet

    Hello Spencer,

    This can be useful when having multiple groups assigned to a user, each responsible for a part of the permission set.

    For example if you have multiple departments in organisation you can have one group that handles view rights for the full department, and another group that handles which clients the user can use depending on his role within the department.
    The first one should have unspecified set as it will apply to any role within the department.

    The permissions of the group add up to eachother. In case of conflicting permissions highest will win.

    I hope this answers your question,


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