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Installing demo files for Elvis

Installing demo files for Elvis 6

When using Elvis for demonstration purposes, a pack of 60 demo files can be installed. This pack consists mainly of images but also includes documents, a presentation, spreadsheets, InDesign files and videos.

This article explains how to install these demo files.

Note: It is assumed here that Elvis 6 Server and the Pro client are fully installed and working correctly.

Perform the following steps using a tool such as Postman or curl.

Step 1. Using the tool, log in to Elvis Server by performing a POST request.

<Elvis Server URL>/services/login?username=<user name>&password=<password>



Note the csrf token that is returned in the response.

Logging in to Elvis Server

Step 2. Use the csrf token to post the demo pack request with the csrf header.

<Elvis Server URL>/services/admin/demopack



Installing the demo pack

The files are imported into Elvis and stored in the 'Demo Zone' folder. This process takes a few moments. When the process is completed, the results are displayed.

Demo pack successfully installed

Step 3. Verify that the files are now available in Elvis by accessing the Pro client and searching for the files simply by doing one of the following:

  • Leaving the Search box empty and pressing Enter
  • Using the Folder browser to navigate to the Demo Zone folder

Viewing the demo files

Figure: Viewing the demo files in the Elvis Pro Client.

Document history

  • 25 July 2017: Updated the installation steps.
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