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Extending the Elvis 6 functionality with plug-ins

Extending the Elvis 6 functionality with plug-ins

The functionality of Elvis 6 Server and its client applications can be extended through the use of plug-ins. This makes it possible to schedule regularly occurring tasks in Elvis Server, or add buttons, menus or panels to the Pro client and/or the Brand portal.

Plug-in types

Various types of plug-ins exist:

  • Schedule plug-ins are automated server tasks that require no user interaction. They are typically used to:
  • Integrate external systems in Elvis Server
  • Import assets (including from other DAM systems)
  • Export assets
  • Move or delete assets based on metadata values

For more information, see Scheduling tasks in Elvis 6 with Schedule plug-ins.

  • Action plug-ins are used for adding custom menus and buttons to the Pro client and/or Brand portal with which windows or tabs can be opened that contain specific features or integrations. Examples of using them include:
  • Converting images or videos to a different format
  • Creating approval workflows
  • Searching external sources
  • Printing assets on a contact sheet

For more information, see Adding custom functionality to Elvis 6 by using Action plug-ins.

  • Panel plug-ins add functionality to the Pro client in the form of a panel. After selecting one or more assets, specific information about these assets is shown in the panel or a specific action can be applied to the assets from within the panel. Use Panel plug-ins to:
  • Display additional information such as from an external PIM system
  • Display reporting or analytics data about various ways in which assets are used
  • Apply a pre-defined set of metadata values, such as copyright information

For more information, see Adding custom functionality to the Pro client of Elvis 6 by using Panel plug-ins.

Sample plug-ins

To get you started, various sample plug-ins are provided with Elvis Server. These show typical use cases such as an upload portal, a Web CMS integration, contact sheets, reports, and more.

For more information, see Elvis 6 sample plug-ins.

Installing and managing plug-ins

For information about installing and managing plug-ins, see Installing and managing plug-ins in Elvis 6.

Plug-in overview

An overview of any available Scheduled plug-ins and Action plug-ins and their status is available in the Management Console.

For more information, see Using the Management Console of Elvis 6.

The Scheduled Plug-ins page

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