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Elvis 6 plug-ins introduction - internal plug-ins

Elvis 6 plug-ins introduction - internal plug-ins

When running Elvis 6 Server, various internal plug-ins are automatically loaded:

  • Asset Info report
  • Version cleanup
  • Elvis client - flags
  • Elvis client - logos

This article briefly describes each of these plug-ins.

Where the plug-ins are stored

Internal plug-ins are stored in the following location:


The folder is created when the server starts for the first time and will be updated each subsequent time the server is started.

Note: Any changes that have been made will not be overwritten.

Important: Do not move or rename this folder or any of its sub folders.

Asset Info report

The Asset Info report contains detailed information about the current asset info configuration.

The Asset Info report

Figure: The Asset Info report contains detailed information about the current asset info configuration.

For detailed information about this report, see Metadata field information for Elvis 6.

This report is generated by the server on startup, it can be reviewed from the server admin page.

Viewing the report

Enter the following URL in a Web browser:

<Elvis Server UR:>/plugins/internal/assetinfo_report/index.html

Version cleanup

This plug-in allows you to clean up the system from file versions that are not required any more:

  • Versions that match the configured versionCleanupFilter
  • Versions that exist after a file is checked-in or after a file is promoted to the current version

For information about configuring this feature, see Working with different versions of a file in Elvis 6.

Elvis client - flags

When the user's attention needs to be drawn to specific metadata, an icon (also referred to as a 'flag') can be added as a visual indicator (a process also known as 'flagging').

Example: You may want to visually display a status or indicate that a field contains specific information such as copyright info.

Such icons appear below thumbnails in the search results and can be set for any standard metadata field or custom metadata field.

Metadata flags

Figure: Assets in the Pro client showing icons for the Status, Approval and Copyright fields.

The available flags are stored in the elvis_client/flags folder and can be replaced by custom flags if needed.

For information about using these flags, see Highlighting metadata in Elvis 6 by using icons.

Elvis client - logos

The default logo's that are used in any e-mails that are generated can be replaced by a custom logo. This is done by placing these in the folder of the Elvis client plug-in: 


For more information, see Changing the Elvis logo for the e-mail link in Elvis 6.

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