Managing languages in Elvis 6


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    Sergei Golikov


    1) This article refers to lvs_*.properties language files only. In turn,  Renaming a metadata field... article refers to cmn_*.properties files. Are the last not used in modern versions?

    2) In which clients/cases the following settings are used?

    dateFormatter.formatString=EEE D MMMM YYYY
    datetimeFormatter.formatString=EEE D MMMM YYYY J\:NN\:SS

    Pro-client uses webClient.locale.format.* instead and API response uses fixed format of 'YYYY-DD-MM hh:mm;ss'

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    Maarten van Kleinwee

    Hi Sergei,

    In answer to your questions:

    1) The CMN_* bundle is indeed not used in the clients anymore since the release of Elvis 6.35.

    2) It seems that these options are indeed no longer used.

    Kind regards,

    Maarten van Kleinwee
    Senior Technical Writer, WoodWing Software

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