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Organizing content in Elvis 6 by using Collections

Organizing content in Elvis 6 by using Collections

Collections are containers or virtual folders used to collect and organize content. You can put every kind of file in a Collection, including other Collections. You can create as many Collections as you want and they can be placed in any folder in Elvis, just like all other files and you can use the folder structure to organize them.

Collections are one of the basic concepts in Elvis:

  • Collection management is a core feature
  • Collections are easy and intuitive to use
  • Collections are containers for gathering material
  • Collections can easily be shared with other users and external users
  • Collections can be used to perform actions on multiple files at once

A Collection can have metadata of its own (tags, status, description etc.). This means Collections can be found using the search engine. Adding names and other metadata can be used to quickly find Collections and the files contained inside them.

To add items to a Collection, you need to make the Collection active. Active Collections show up in the right sidebar. You can drag 'n drop files to these active Collections.

Tip: Collections created in the sidebar are automatically created in your own private user zone, but you can always move them between zones to make them visible to other users.

In addition to using the folder structure to organize content, you can also provide structure in your workflow by using Collections. At a magazine or newspaper for example:

  • create folders for separate issues
  • inside issue folders, create Collections for each topic, article or content section

Note: Collections can hold a few hundred assets (maximum is 1000 assets), when Collections become too large to handle, try reconsidering the workflow by using smaller Collections, more metadata or the folder structure for organizing content.

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