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Backing up and restoring Elvis 6 Server

Backing up and restoring Elvis 6 Server

There are several parts of Elvis Server that need to be backed up regularly to ensure an easy restore and recovery in case of a hardware failure.

What to backup

Because all Elvis data is stored on the file system, all data in the following Elvis Server folder locations should be backed up:

  • Elvis Hot Data
  • Elvis Shared Data
  • Config

Note: It is recommended to create a backup in multiple locations in case one or more of these locations are compromised due to a security issue.

How to restore

To restore a backup, stop Elvis Server, restore the files from your backup and then start Elvis Server again.

Restoring the index

After restoring the backup, the state of the Elastic Search index in the Elvis Hot Data folder might not reflect the content of the main File store. You can restore a backup of the Elastic Search index with the Elastic Search terminal commands to synchronize the state of the index and the main File store.

For more information, see Backing up and restoring the Elvis 6 index.

Processing-only nodes

There is no direct need to regularly create a backup of a Processing-only node because it does not keep track of any essential data. If the machine fails, the Processing-only node can be easily re-installed on another machine.

Tip: To easily move your configuration to other installations, make a copy of the configuration files of the Processing nodes.

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