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Server admin pages in Elvis 6

Managing Elvis 6 Server

Managing Elvis Server is done through various administration pages (sometimes also referred to as maintenance pages).

Depending on your version of Elvis, these pages can be found in the Admin pages section of Elvis Server, or in the Management Console.

Available tasks

Using these pages, the following tasks can be performed:

Using the Admin pages

Using the Management Console

Accessing the pages

To access the Management Console, enter the following URL in a Web browser:


Elvis fully licensed

To access the Admin pages, enter the following URL in a Web browser:


The Server Admin pages for Elvis DAM 5

Document History

  • 11 January 2018: Changed title from 'Server admin pages in Elvis 6' to 'Managing Elvis 6 Server'.
  • 11 January 2018: made it clearer which tasks can be performed.
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