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Elvis 6 bundled plug-in - Import from RSS feed

Elvis 6 sample plug-in - Import from RSS feed

The RSS file import plug-in imports files from an RSS feed. It can be used to import photos and videos from news wires, image agencies, etc.

Note: This bundled plug-in is supported for production use.


The RSS import plug-in can be almost completely configured inside the plug-in configuration file, all configuration properties are described in detail in this file.

Automatically fill metadata fields on import

It's optionally possible to automatically assign standard metadata values to imported files. You can define these values in the <rss_import>/field-mappings.xml file.

How it works

Once you have set up the configuration, Elvis will periodically retrieve the RSS feed. It picks up the enclosure URL inside the feed, downloads the original file using this URL and imports the file into Elvis.

By default, the plug-in points to the Flickr public photos feed.

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