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Elvis 6 action plug-ins setting - menuAssignments


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  • Sergei Golikov

    Please list all available values for menuAssignment. Only 3 options are listed in “description” at the top of the article: ‘application menu’, ‘toolbar’, context menu of the file. But the last example introduces a new one: folderContextMenu. Are there any others available? And what are the ‘applicationMenu’ and ‘toolBar’ exactly, with regards to Elvis 6?

  • Oleksiy Cherkasov

    Hello Sergey,
    'applicationMenu' and 'folderContextMenu' menu assignments are not used in Elvis 6
    'toolBar' menu assignment places plugin on the top header panel (near search field)
    Documentation will be updated

  • Siebrand Mazeland

    Apparently the documentation wasn't updated since March 2019. folderContextMenu is still mentioned in the examples, and not in the specification for ID. Is it supported or not?

  • Erik Korver

    Hi Siebrand,

    There is currently no change in what Sergey stated last year.

    I will again ask development to update the documentation to reflect that at least.


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