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Elvis 6 action plug-ins setting - keyBindings

Elvis 6 action plug-ins setting - keyBindings

The keyBindings setting is one of the settings of an Action plug-in that can be configured in its configuration file. For more information, see Elvis 6 Action plug-ins - configuration settings.

Required No

Platform specific keyboard bindings, for Windows and Mac OS X.

Note: If you assign key bindings to your plug-in, you need to specify an applicationMenu menuAssignment.

Key bindings are not required. When you do assign key bindings, make sure that two keyBinding elements are added, one with os="MacOSX" and the other with os="Windows".

Tip: Check if your key binding is not already used by one of the standard menu items, otherwise it will be ignored.

Basic setting



Operating System the key binding applies to, possible values:

  • MacOSX
  • Windows



The key part of the key binding.



Comma separated list of modifier keys. When this parameter is not specified, no modifiers will be used. The available valid modifiers are:

  • CMD = Command, only valid in combination with Mac OS X
  • ALT = MacOSX: Option, Windows: Alt
  • CTRL = Control
  • SHIFT = Shift



    <keyBinding os="MacOSX" key="f" modifiers="CMD">
    <keyBinding os="Windows" key="f" modifiers="CTRL">
    <keyBinding os="MacOSX" key="f" modifiers="CMD,SHIFT">
    <keyBinding os="Windows" key="f" modifiers="CTRL,SHIFT">
    <keyBinding os="MacOSX" key="=" modifiers="CMD,CTRL,ALT,SHIFT">
    <keyBinding os="Windows" key="-" modifiers="SHIFT,CTRL">
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