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Renaming a metadata field in Elvis 6

Renaming a metadata field in Elvis 6

The name of a metadata field that is shown in the user interface of a client — such as the metadata panel in the Pro client — can be replaced by a custom name.

You would do this to:

  • Use a default metadata field under a name that more fits your needs and requirements (a recommended alternative to using a custom metadata field).
  • Localize a label of a metadata field in another language.
  • Provide users with a more user friendly name for a custom metadata field (which always starts with 'cf_' and cannot contain spaces or special characters).

Configuration is done in the 'cmn_xx_XX_properties' file. By default, one such file is available: cmn_en_US_properties. The language_COUNTRY code denotes that this file is used when running the clients in American English.

Note: This cmn_en_US_properties file contains the text in English and is the default file that is used when for some (technical) reason another language cannot be loaded. It should therefore always be filled.

For each available language a separate file needs to be created and placed in the Elvis Server/Config/messages folder. Use any of the following language_COUNTRY codes:

  • en_US American English
  • de German
  • fi Finnish
  • fr French
  • it Italian
  • ja Japanese
  • ko Korean
  • nl Dutch
  • pl Polish
  • ru Russian
  • th thai
  • tr Turkish
  • zh_CW Simplified Chinese
  • zh_TW Traditional Chinese

Step 1. Access the Config properties page of a running Elvis Server instance.

The Config Properties page

Step 2. Open the cmn_xx_XX_properties file of the language that you want to modify.

Tip: Copy and paste the content of this file into an XML editor so that you have the benefit of line numbers and syntax highlighting. When done editing, copy and paste the changes back into the Elvis page.

Step 3. Add the new field name by using the following syntax:


Example: Here, the custom metadata field 'cf_companyName' is renamed to 'Company name':

field_label.cf_companyName=Company name

Step 4. Save the file.

Step 5. Log out and log back in to Elvis Server.

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