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Updating the Elvis 6 Server index


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  • Maarten van Kleinwee

    Note about scheduling an Index Update (see also the Feedback Forum):

    Question: We are trying to update our index by re-embedding all metadata. We updated a few custom fields we have to now be embedded so we need to re-run the index updater. Since we don't want to run it during business hours but want it to run full speed at night, is there a way to schedule the indexer to start and stop at a given time?

    Answer: It is currently not possible to schedule an index update run in the Management Console/Asset Processing Tool.

    By configuring the Asset Processing Tool with a low number of threads (for example just 1 or 2 threads) and some milliseconds pause (for example 200 milliseconds) you can have the index update run as a background process while hardly affecting the overall performance of the system.

    You could simply try this with these example settings and start the update. Just let it run for a few minutes and monitor the processing queue while it is running to see if the processing queue stays low.
    You can stop the update process in the running processes section and try a different number of threads and milliseconds pause if needed and try again. Less threads means more is available for other uses. More milliseconds pause means more resources stay available for other processes.

    Tip: don't use the "run exclusive" checkbox, for it will make the update index run exclusive and block other processes as long as it is running.


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