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Errors appear in the log files after updating the asset index of Elvis 6 Server

Errors appear in the log files after updating the asset index of Elvis 6 Server

After updating the asset index of Elvis 6 Server, the following errors might appear in the log files:

ERROR com.ds.acm.ak - NEW CONFIGURATION IS INCORRECT: Compass settings of the field language were changed. It is incorrect to modify the field.

WARN com.ds.acm.warnings.Server - warning: Detected illegal changes in new asset info

com.ds.acm.al: New configuration is incorrect, see log for details. Please review asset info configuration.

These errors are generated by a safety feature that is in place during the Elvis service startup which compares the full-assetInfo.xml file (created during the last successful startup) with the new-assetInfo.xml file (constructed from the (internal)default-assetinfo file and the possible (custom) configured custom-assetinfo file).

If the compare results in a difference, the above errors are thrown in the Elvis Server log with a description where this difference is found.

This safety feature is in place to protect the system from starting with an incorrect assetinfo file.

A common scenario for this situation to occur is when changes have been made to the configuration of the assetInfo in the custom-assetinfo.xml file. It may also occur after upgrading Elvis to a newer version with an updated default assetinfo.

It is important to be aware if recent changes have been made to your custom-assetInfo.xml:

  • Yes, I just updated the configuration of the custom-assetInfo file which resulted in this log message. Please read the log message carefully; it might describe where a possible configuration error occurred.
  • No, I just upgraded my Elvis Server version (with a new/changed default assetinfo file) which resulted in this log message.

Solution 1

Update the asset index once more.

Solution 2

Do the following:

Step 1. Stop your Elvis Cluster nodes.

Step 2. On each node, access the Elvis Server/Elvis Hot Data/elvis-data/assetInfo/ folder and remove the following files:

  • full_assetinfo.xml
  • new_assetinfo.xml

Note: Make sure you do this on every node (including the nodes that act as the Processing Server and job runner).

Step 3. Start the Elvis Cluster.

New files will be created and the errors should not appear anymore.

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