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Organizing content in Elvis 6 by using a folder structure

Organizing content in Elvis 6 by using a folder structure

Folder structures are very good at organizing material hierarchically.

Folders provide a familiar environment for the people using Elvis. When you set up an Elvis server you can perform a bulk import from an existing file server, keeping the folder structure intact. When people log in to Elvis they will instantly be able to find their files. With the added benefit of the powerful search engine provided by Elvis.

Folder names are part of the metadata of every asset and are indexed by the search engine.

When you set up an Elvis system you need to think about at least the top-level folder structure you are going to use. Just copying the existing structure from a file server may not always be the best approach. You need to keep the following in mind:

  • Folders are used as a basis for setting up permissions for different groups of users. This means setting up a logical folder structure can simplify security and administration.
  • A file can only exist in one folder at a time. In some cases it is better to use collections.
  • Keep your permissions on folder level in mind when planning a structure. Every folder configured in a security rule with VIEW permissions will cause a filter to be added when searching. Too many filters will slow down search results for that user.

Some examples:

  • You can use root folders for every organization unit, for example a department, a publication...
  • Create a separate folder for archived material. Usually an archive can be searched, but not modified by most people.
  • Organize wire feeds by source. Organization of wires by category (politics, economy, sports, formula one, soccer) is easier to handle with metadata.
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