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Setting up HTTPS in Elvis 6 Server


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  • Nicole Tan


    It's mentioned in the article "More and more customers are running Elvis on Amazon AWS and on HTTPS. AWS CloudFront can redirect HTTP to HTTPS automatically"

    We are using this setup - with CloudFront handling the HTTP to HTTPS redirects, while communicating with our EC2 instances via HTTP. 

    Our problem is, Elvis calls the APIs via HTTP - which cause a Mixed Content Error in the browser as the connection to Elvis is in HTTPS. 

    Is there a way to fix this?
    We were thinking of manually changing the "Server URL" to point to HTTPS. However, we can't find a way to change the server URL in the documentation.


  • Alex de Lannee

    Hello Nicole Tan,

    We followed up on you in the support ticket. We will handle this there.

    Best regards,

    Alex de Lannee
    Support Engineer




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