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The Elvis 6 structure: clusters and nodes


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  • Sergei Golikov

    Please add an example of ‘Big cluster’ with ‘Dozens’ of nodes, including 'Job Runner’ nodes and load balancer.

  • Nicole Tan

    In the article, it states: "It can be expanded as needed by adding more Search nodes or Processing nodes. There does not necessarily have to be a constant factor between the number of nodes."

    If I have a cluster of 5 nodes (3 Search / 2 Processing) and automatically increase it to 6 nodes (4 Search / 2 processing), do I need to update the cluster config as mentioned in the document below before scaling takes place?

    I can imagine a setup where we use AWS Load Balancing which can auto-scale based on CPU/Memory. However, if we need to manually update the cluster config in Elvis, it might need some extra work.

    Is my understanding correct? Thanks!


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