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Requesting a user to upload files using the Pro client of Elvis 6

Requesting a user to upload files using the Pro client of Elvis 6

When using Elvis Pro in a production environment, collaborating with external contributors such as photographers, designers and copy writers is a regular occurrence.

An easy way of getting their files in to Elvis is by sending them a request to upload files, better known as a Share Request: an easy-to-use portal for uploading files.

A Share Request

Figure: A Share Request.

A Share Request is a Share Link

If you are familiar with sharing file with Elvis Pro, you will recognize the Share Request as an empty Share Link: a link to a Web site. Instead of using the Web site to show the user images that already exist in Elvis, you now use it to let the user upload files to Elvis.

Creating a Share Request

Step 1. (Optional) Use the Folder Browser to create a folder somewhere in Elvis in which you want to have the files uploaded.

Tip: Create the folder in your user folder if you don't want other users to have access to the uploaded files.

Step 2. In the top right corner of the page, click Request Upload.

The Share page appears.

An empty Share Request page

Figure: The Share page before filling in all the details.

Step 3. Set the options as needed:

  • Subject. Enter a short subject.
  • Description. (Optional) Enter a description of the files or leave a message for the recipient.
  • Link valid until. Set the date when the link should expire.
  • Download. Select what the users can download or how they can download it:
  • Preview. Download the preview of the file.
  • Original. Download the original file.
  • Upload. (Selected by default) A default folder location is selected (a private folder in your user account, only you will see the uploaded files). Change this to another location when needed.
  • Approve. (Off by default.) Select when you want the user to approve or reject a file and to add a comment to the file.

Step 4. In the bottom right corner of the screen, click Share.

The Share Link is created and presented in a window.

The created Share link

Step 5. Do one of the following:

  • Click the link to open it in a Web browser
  • Right-click the link and choose Copy from the context menu or click the Copy link button

Step 6. Share the link in some way, for example by including it in an e-mail that you send to all users who you want to have files uploaded.

Using the Share Link to upload files

When the link is accessed, a Web page opens which prompts the user to upload files.

A Share Request


  • As soon as the file is added, it is available in Elvis.
  • Added files cannot be removed by the user.
  • Uploading files by dragging and dropping a folder is only supported in Google Chrome.
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