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The Enterprise Update admin page in Elvis 6

The Enterprise Update admin page in Elvis 6

The Enterprise update admin page is used to update all Enterprise objects which are linked to Elvis.

Asset updates in Elvis are immediately synchronized with Enterprise shadow objects (performed by the scheduled synchronization job, see also Elvis Content Source).

To synchronize data which might be out of sync or in case the synchronization job was switched off / not working, it is possible to run this bulk update.

The Enterprise Update page


The admin page shows registered Enterprise server IDs (one or several, depending to your system configuration).

Note: Enterprise servers are only shown when the synchronization job is active.

A full update can be started per Enterprise server. Started updates can be stopped if required. Use "Refresh" to update the status of the page, it will show a list of registered Enterprise servers and status of their update, if update was started.


  • none - initial
  • running
  • finished - when finished normally without user interruptions
  • stopping - when interrupted by user, but not stopped yet
  • stopped - when interrupted by user and really stopped sending updates

Note: Enterprise update might fail to start if other heavy processes (like index builder, updater or backup) are running.


There are a few settings to tune the update process, these can be configured in <Elvis Config>/config.properties (server restart required).

# Number of assets to fetched for the queue at a time (balances queue load between bulk update and runtime updates)
enterpriseUpdateBatchSize = 50

# Pause in milis between batches (makes server less loaded with the update process)
enterpriseUpdatePauseMilis = 1000

# We can send updates to the queue only if it is loaded not more then allowedQueueLoadPercentage 
# (balances queue load between bulk update and runtime updates)
enterpriseUpdateAllowedQueueLoadPercentage = 60
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