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Integrating WordPress in Elvis 6

Integrating WordPress in Elvis 6

Our WordPress plug-in allows you to easily insert images, videos and text from Elvis into posts and pages.

Note: This plug-in is a sample and is not actively updated.

The Elvis plug-in in WordPress

How it works

The plug-in adds a button to the WordPress WYSIWYG text editor. It allows you to search and browse for images or videos directly in your server and insert the content straight from Elvis into posts.

The Elvis plug-in dialog box

Setup and configuration

Step 1: enable access to your server

Make sure your Elvis server is accessible from the Internet.

Step 2: setup a guest user

Set up a guest user with restricted permissions.

Step 3: configure permissions for the 'public' field

In the Management console, set up a Rule for the users or user group and make sure that access is set

Make sure that users that will be using the WordPress plug-in have view and edit permission on the 'public' field, so they will be able to set the value of the field public to true.

Note: The public guest user should only have view permission 'public' field, do not grant the guest user edit permission.

Setting up Permissions for a WordPress user

Step 4: install and configure the WordPress plug-in on your website

Install the Elvis Media Manager plug-in into your WordPress site. You can use the built in WordPress installer and upgrader, or you can install the plug-in manually. The plug-in is available in the WordPress plug-in Directory under the name Elvis Media Manager.

Once installed and activated, configure your server URL and specify the username and password of the 'public' guest user that you have created in Elvis.

The Elvis settings in WordPerfect

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