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Opening an article for editing using Content Station 10

Opening an article for editing using Content Station 10

Opening an article for editing is one of the ways of working with articles in Content Station 10.

Basic method

As you would expect, the quickest way of opening an article is to simply double-click it from the search results.

Other methods

Articles can also be opened in the following ways:

When viewing an article in fullscreen mode

Step 1. Select an article anywhere in Content Station and open it in fullscreen mode by pressing the Spacebar.

Step 2. In the toolbar at the top of the screen, click the Edit button.

The Edit button in the article preview

When viewing a layout in fullscreen mode

This method can be used when an article is placed on a layout.

Step 1. Open a layout in fullscreen mode (by selecting the layout anywhere in Content Station and press the Spacebar).

Step 2. From the Layout settings menu, make sure that Show placed objects > articles is selected.

The Layout menu

Step 3. Select a placed article and from the toolbar that appears, click the Edit button.

The Edit article button

By accessing the link to the article

Because Content Station is used in a Web browser, the link to an article can be used to directly access it.

You could for instance have saved the link as a bookmark in your Web browser, of may have received the link from someone else.

Example of a link: http://myserver.com/Enterprise/contentstation/#/article/w/233

Opening an article in Content Station or InCopy

By default, articles are opened in the Print editor of Content Station. However, they can also be automatically opened in Adobe InCopy.

For information about how to configure this, see Opening articles in InCopy from Content Station 10.

Articles that cannot be opened

Articles that contain the following components are not supported by Content Station 10 and cannot be opened:

  • Articles containing a graphic article component (only applies to Content Station versions 10.0 – 10.16). Opening these will result in an 'unsupported WCML structure' error.
  • Articles in which a hyperlink has been applied across multiple paragraphs or character styles.
  • Articles containing XML tags.
  • Articles containing Tracked Changes (unless Content Station has been configured to accept Tracked Changes when opening an article).
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