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Working with overset text in the Print editor of Content Station 10


Working with overset text in the Print editor of Content Station 10

Working with overset text is one of the ways of working with articles in Content Station 10.

Info: This feature requires Content Station 10.10 or higher.

Articles that are used in a print workflow are added to a designated area on a layout. In order to fill that area with the right amount of text the article needs to contain the right number of lines: a state known as 'copyfit'.

Other copyfit states: underset and overset

When the article does not contain enough lines to completely fill the area, we speak of 'underset', while 'overset' indicates that the article contains too many lines and that therefore not all text will fit the available space.

Overset indicators

Any instances of overset in an article are shown in the following ways:

  • The bar that shows the height of an article component is colored red.
  • When hovering the mouse pointer over the article component bar, a tooltip appears in which the number of overset lines and characters is shown. (This feature requires Content Station 10.11 or higher.)
  • A divider appears in the text itself to indicate exactly which text is overset.

Overset indicators

Figure: Whenever overset text exists, this is displayed in the following ways: the article component bar is colored red (A), when hovering the mouse over the component bar the amount of overset is shown in a tooltip (B), and a line divides the affected text from the rest of the text (C).

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