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Opening files for editing in the Pro client of Elvis Cloud (file check-out and check-in)

Opening files for editing in the Pro client of Elvis Cloud (file check-out and check-in)

Sometimes a file that is stored in Elvis needs to be changed in some way and the changes stored back in Elvis for the same file.


  • An image may need to be edited by cropping it or by changing the image itself
  • Text may need to be added or removed from a Word document
  • An InDesign layout may need to be worked on

This can be done by downloading the file, changing it and uploading it again whereby the original file is replaced.

Note: InDesign layouts can be automatically opened in InDesign and automatically updated in Elvis when they are closed in InDesign.

When the file is edited it is important that other users are prevented from modifying that same file. The file is therefore locked for all other users until the file is checked-in again. This process is known as 'file check-out' and 'file check-in'.

While the file is checked-out, other users cannot check-out, update (such as the metadata) or delete the file until the file is 'checked-in' again. Other actions are still possible such as downloading the original file, previewing the file, or sharing the file.

See this process demonstrated in this short video:

Recognizing files that are checked-out

Files that are checked-out can be recognized by:

  • The lock icon that is displayed over a dimmed version of the thumbnail
  • The avatar icon that is shown in the lower left corner of the thumbnail

Tip: Hover the mouse pointer over the icon to see the name of the user who has checked-out the file.

Recognizing a file that is checked-out

Checked-out files are locked for other users

As long as a file is checked-out by a user, other users cannot check-out the same file. For them, the check-out option will be grayed-out in the menu.

Checking-out a file for editing

Note: Although the process described here also works for InDesign layouts, a much more improved (and therefore recommended) method exists by installing the Elvis InDesign client plug-in in InDesign. This way, layouts can be directly opened in InDesign, links to placed files that are stored in Elvis are fully managed and any changes are automatically saved to Elvis simply by saving and closing the layout. For more information, see Editing InDesign layouts containing links to Elvis Cloud.

Step 1. Select one or more files that you want to check out.

Step 2. Click Check Out in the menu bar.

The Check Out button

If you are using the default settings of the Web browser, the file is automatically downloaded to your Downloads folder.

Step 3. (Optional, depending on how your system is set up) If the file is not downloaded automatically, save it manually.

Step 4. Open the downloaded file, edit it in some way and save it .

Updating the edited file in Elvis

Note: When using the recommended method of working with layouts using the Elvis InDesign client, this step is not required: the layout is automatically checked-in in Elvis after closing the layout in InDesign.

After editing the file, you can update the version of the file that is stored in Elvis.

Step 1. In Elvis, click Checked-out files next to your avatar in the top right corner.

The Checked Out page

A page is shown listing all files that you have currently checked out.

Figure: When clicking 'Checked Out' at the top of the page (A), the Checked Out page appears (B), showing all files that you have checked out.

Step 2. Select one or more files that you want to update in Elvis.

Step 3. Do one of the following:

  • When a single file is selected, click Update in the menu.
  • Hover the mouse over the thumbnail and click the Refresh icon in the top right corner.

The Update button

Step 4. Browse to the updated file , select it and click Open.

The following actions takes place:

  • The file is uploaded to Elvis and the original file is replaced.

Note: You can leave the page while a file is being uploaded; the process will continue in the background.

  • The file is unlocked: other users can now check-out the file.
  • The file is removed from the Checked-out files page.

Step 5. (Optional) The checked-out files that were saved on your system are not removed, you may want to remove these manually from your system.

Canceling checked-out files

When you have checked-out one or more files by mistake or when you decide that the files do not need to be changed after all, cancel the check-out process by doing one of the following:

  • In the Search results pane, select the files, click the 'More options' icon (the 3 dots) and choose Cancel Check-out.

The More Options icon in the menu

The Cancel Check-out menu command

  • Click Checked-out files next to your avatar in the top right corner, select the files you want to cancel and click Cancel Check-out.

The Cancel Check-out option

Removing the downloaded files

Canceling the checked-out files does not remove the downloaded files from your system, you may want to remove these manually.

Document history

  • April 2017: Added information about using the Elvis InDesign client plug-ins for opening layouts.
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