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Adding or removing article components in the Print editor of Content Station 10


Adding or removing article components in the Print editor of Content Station 10

Working with article components is one of the ways of working with articles in Content Station 10.

When an article is created in Content Station 10, it will initially contain a default set of article components. Which components these are is determined by the article template on which the new article is based.

Example: When creating a new article for use in a print publication, it may contain the components 'head', 'intro' and 'body'.

If needed, additional components can be added or components can be removed.

Adding components

Info: This feature requires Content Station 10.13 or higher.

Adding a new component can be done above or below an existing component. The tools are available in the menu for the component above or below which the new component needs to be added.

Step 1. Do one of the following to make the icon for the menu appear:

  • Place the cursor in a component1
  • Hover the mouse over a component1

1 This requires Content Station 10.18 or higher; in all previous versions the icon is visible next to each component.

Step 2. Hover the mouse over a component menu icon to access its menu.

Add component menu icons

Figure: The menu for a component containing icons for adding a component above (A) or below (B) that component.

Step 3. Hover over the icon for adding a component above or below the current component.

A list of available components to add appears.

Component list

Step 4. Click the component to add.

Note: Components that can be added multiple times will remain available in the list, while components that can only be used once are removed from the list.

Example: The 'head', 'intro' and 'body' components typically may only occur once in an article and will be removed from the list as soon as they are added to the article. Components such as 'graphic' and 'caption' are typically used multiple times and will therefore remain in the list.

Note for system administrators: Configuring which components are allowed to be used multiple times and which components are allowed only once is done in the componentDefs.xml file.

Removing article components

To remove an article component, access the menu for that component and click the Trash Can icon.

Remove component

Note: A component cannot be removed when:

  • It is the only component of the article
  • The article component is published
  • The article component is placed on a layout

Document history

  • 21 March 2017: Updated the way in which the component menu icon appears.
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